After 72 hours of transportation, the live fish are still as fresh as before! What is the origin of this aquatic enterprise in Guangdong?

On November 4, an aquatic transport vehicle from Guangdong province finally arrived in Shenyang after 72 hours. Although it took nearly three days and three nights to get to Shenyang for special reasons, the California perch, mandarin fish and yellow bone in the car were as fresh as before, which won praise from customers.

Attention! Aunt Qian broke 200 stores in Shanghai


As of November this year, Qian Dama has more than 200 stores in Shanghai and is busy recruiting local fresh blood. Since 2012, aunt Qian opened her first pork specialty store, first promoting the business philosophy of "no overnight meat". By July this year, the number of outlets in China has exceeded 2000. Aunt Qian has long held the right to speak in South China's fresh and fresh community, and at the same time, she has made great efforts in her national ambition.


China International Import Expo 丨 Food and Agricultural Products Exhibition Area: This year, try a different flavor of fireworks


Remember the "artificial meat" burger in the Science and Technology Life Exhibition Area of Hall 5.1 last year? Back then, it was so expensive that you had to wait in line to eat. This year, more exhibitors will showcase their innovative research and development achievements in the field of plant protein.  "Plant Protein Base-Chicken Flavor", which is similar to golden chicken nuggets, is the most beautiful ingredient in the round bar at the Cargill booth.

Here’s how one of Asia’s biggest noodle makers is turning to tech

The Bangkok-based company claims to be the world leader in the production of food-grade tapioca — the starch extracted from cassava roots that’s a staple food for millions of people in the tropics

"Yun fungi" upgrade!

Yun Mushroom

Yunnan is a kingdom of wild fungi.

The species of wild edible fungi account for more than 90% of the whole country Yun fungi industry in poverty alleviation and green economy And played a positive role in the construction of ecological civilization

With Beyond Meat Partnership, Pizza Hut Is The First Major Pizza Chain To Launch Plant-Based Toppings Nationwide

Plant-based meat made some more headlines Monday when McDonald’s MCD 0.0% acknowledged the development of its proprietary meatless platform, called simply McPlant.

15 food and agriculture startup finalists participating in FoodBytes! Pitch 2020

Rabobank today revealed the 15 food and agriculture startup finalists who will advance to present at the FoodBytes! Pitch 2020 virtual competition.

India's FreshToHome Among 3 Startups Picked To Boost UAE's Agritech Capabilities

As a part of the agreement, Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) will provide financial and non-financial incentives totaling to $41 million to Pure Harvest Smart Farms, FreshToHome and Nanorocks

Technology in agriculture

There is a wide gap between the technologies developed in the research institutions and their applicability at the farmers field. Awareness among farmers as to technologies must be created for better transfer of research technologies.

How are drones changing the face of agriculture?

In order to propose a credible alternative to intensive agriculture (a model inherited from the 1960s with disastrous environmental consequences), drone startups are developing unmanned machines