Tujie Town: Tea turns into "golden leaf" of tea industry to help farmers to get rich

Tea farmers picking tea

Since this year, tujie Town, Nanhua County, has given full play to the advantages of "tea town", solidly promoted the poverty alleviation work of tea industry, innovated the industrial development mode, developed and expanded the tea industry, and continuously increased the village level collective economic income, driving a large number of people to increase their income and become rich.
The industrial development shows actual results. Relying on Banpo tea factory and Xiaocun tea factory, we set up tea professional cooperatives to encourage people to join voluntarily. By integrating the farmers near the tea factory, taking the improvement of quality and efficiency as the core, technological innovation as the driving force, and increasing the income of tea farmers as the goal, the development mode of "enterprise + cooperatives + farmers" has been implemented, and a new pattern of tea industry development characterized by "enterprise driven, cooperative operation and farmers' participation" has been formed.
The growth of enterprises drives the strong. In the process of standardized management and standardized production, giving full play to the leading role of Party building, the "general Party branch (Branch) + tea garden poverty alleviation base" mode has achieved remarkable results, realizing tea output value of more than 20 million yuan, driving the town's average income of more than 4300 yuan, striving to become the county's "general Party branch (Branch) + tea garden poverty alleviation base" to help poverty alleviation demonstration, and achieved real results 。

(picture: Tea farmers picking tea)