Thai Ministry of Agriculture: Total fruit production in 14 southern provinces increased by 35.20% year on year

According to the Deputy Secretary-General of the Agricultural Economic Office of the Ministry of Agriculture of Thailand, the fruit production in the 14 provinces in the south is estimated to be 71,2002 tons of fruit, and the fruit production will increase by 529,385 tons, or 35.20% year-on-year.

Thai durians are “slow-selling”, and local businessmen are cheeky and sloppy, which is the fault of Chinese tourists!

Thai fruit prices have been rising steadily since the past few years. Because of transportation costs, its price advantage is not so great, so the crazy rush to buy in the eyes of Thais has begun to subside.

Chongqing citizens have a good fortune. The minimum time for foreign seafood clearance is only half an hour

Nowadays, in Chongqing, all kinds of seafood supermarkets and stores can be described as blooming everywhere. Chongqing citizens who do not rely on the sea want to eat all kinds of seafood. It can be said that it is a minute.