MSU joins $20 million AI initiative for the future of sustainable agriculture

Michigan State University researcher Bruno Basso has a reputation for bringing ideas celebrated in the tech world to the farm field. The MSU Foundation Professor in earth and environmental sciences is no stranger to big data or artificial intelligence.

Australia’s Younger Agricultural Workforce Step up with XAG Drone for the Soaring Winter Crops

Observing an increasingly growing demand of unmanned device applications during Australia’s winter cropping season best seen in decades, XAG is on track to deploy drones to help farmers take the pressure off chemical use and preserve water. 

Successful test flight of Chongqing's first 5g Internet connected plant protection UAV

Chongqing's first 5g network connected plant protection UAV successfully flew in the scientific research base of Chongqing Academy of Agricultural Sciences this week, providing high-efficiency flight prevention service and precision agriculture service integrating UAV plant protection, remote sen