Judian Zhang Lin: With the mentality of "playing", he opened 45 directly-operated barbecue restaurants

Wed, 06/01/2022 - 10:18
In-store scene
In-store scene

"We offer authentic Beijing barbecue! We are the first store in Canada and have over 30 stores in Beijing.", Says Judian Chuanba's Facebook page. 

On the increasingly crowded barbecue track, many brands with excellent performance have emerged, and Judian Chuanba is one of them.

In the fiercely competitive barbecue market,  Judian Chuanba took more than 10 years to open 45 directly-operated restaurants step by step, and the strength of Judian Chuanba should not be underestimated.

In 2020, an epidemic has impacted the traditional business model of the catering industry. In the post-epidemic era, takeaways are blowing out, and Judian Chuanba has also joined this wave. It is understood that the takeaway revenue of Judian Chuanba now accounts for 22%-40% of the whole company.

Originally, Zhang Lin did not plan to develop take-out. After all, there is still a certain gap between the taste of freshly baked and take-out, but if there is demand, there will be a market, and we must do our best.

Since taking over this job, Judian Chuanba has started to put a lot of effort into the takeaway packaging, such as using tin foil + thermal insulation bag + thicker tote bag, this kind of layered thick packaging can minimize the sense of grilling damaged.