Pre-made dishes are facing new changes, product development is the moat, and explosive products are the breakthrough!

Fri, 07/01/2022 - 14:20

From the perspective of supply, take-out, catering, and group meals all require the rapid development of pre-made dishes.

First of all, the food delivery industry has achieved growth against the trend under the epidemic. The food delivery industry requires a faster delivery speed, which is also in line with the fast-paced lifestyle in the future, and the demand for B-side pre-made dishes will also increase accordingly.

 Secondly, for the catering industry, the standardization of Chinese dishes and the chaining of Chinese catering all require the development of pre-made dishes.

Products are the moat of a pre-made dish enterprise

Focus on single product, continue to develop and iterate to produce explosive products

People in the pre-made dish industry believe that products, channels, and supply chains are the three major competencies of pre-made dish players.