Catering enterprises swarmed forward, and pre-made dishes ushered in the "tuyere"?

Fri, 07/01/2022 - 16:30

Under the epidemic, pre-made dishes have been pushed to a climax again and again. With the help of media reports, expert predictions, and the outstanding achievements of the company's monthly income of one million, many catering companies are eager to try, for fear of missing this outlet!

But we can't help but pour cold water: don't overestimate pre-made dishes, its market is not that big, and the business is not as good as imagined.

The report released by the China Chain Store & Franchise Association  shows that when the epidemic prevention and control situation was the most severe in 2020, more than 90% of chain catering companies began to sell semi-finished and pre-made dishes.

"Pre-made dishes" are young people's business, "can't do" takeaway

The core value of pre-made dishes to customers is convenience, but this is also the value of take-out. Even take-out is more convenient than pre-made dishes, and there is no need to wash dishes.

Make pre-made dishes without compromising on the basics. Only by consolidating the brand power and product power of the restaurant companies can they get a share of the pre-made dish market.