From the popularity of pre-made dishes to the popularity of food bloggers, Which is the best choice for young people to cook?

Fri, 07/08/2022 - 08:05

Once upon a time, a large number of young people were described by their parents as children who did not work hard and did not distinguish between the five grains and the five grains. However, all this will undergo a fundamental change in 2022. Many post-90s and post-00s who have never cooked under the influence of the epidemic, start to go to the kitchen, and even triggered the trend of pre-made dishes, food live broadcasts, and food videos. Facing the trend of cooking, which one is the best for young people to cook? Under this trend, in addition to the food videos we mentioned, pre-made dishes have also become the most popular desserts in the market. According to a report from China Agricultural Science News, today, many governments have expressed their desire to support the pre-made food industry. Relevant support policies have been issued.

Food bloggers have become the most concerned by young people during this time period. Young people follow videos and live broadcasts to learn the whole process from washing vegetables to preparation to cooking. Maybe not very delicious at first, but as time goes on, or More or less, there will be a few of their own special dishes, which is actually the credit of food bloggers