Shenzhen Metro Layouts a Pre-made Dish Track and Joins Forces with Nongjinyuan to Create a "Shenzhen Food Research Laboratory"

Fri, 07/08/2022 - 18:04
Nongjinyuan official website

According to the announcement released by Shenzhen Metro recently through the WeChat public platform, the catering brand "Shenzhen Metro  Food Research Lab" jointly created by Shenzhen Metro and Nongjinyuan has officially opened at the end of June this year. It is reported that the brand will focus on pre-made dishes, with a total of 11 dishes on the shelves.

Shenzhen Metro Food Research Lab adopts the method of "centralized processing + unified distribution + fixed sales stores + mobile food trucks" for large-scale production and distribution, which can provide citizens and passengers with more than 30 categories of nutritious breakfast, pre-made  dishes, which can benefit the stations at this stage. , about 240,000 residents around the hub.