Which brand of smart sweeping robot is good? Pet enthusiasts should buy these models

Sun, 03/20/2022 - 15:44
Yulikan’s sweeping robot
image: screenshot

Entering the spring, it is time for pets to change their hair. It is troublesome and time-consuming to clean the pet's hair every day. The happiness of cat and dog will be consumed by hair loss. It's actually very simple to get rid of the complicated cleaning every day. You can replace the daily cleaning housework with a simple and efficient sweeping robot, so that you can enjoy the happiness of the furry child at home, and no matter how much hair sheds, you will not worry about it~

Yulikan’s sweeping robot has comprehensive functions. The suction power of the product is 3000Pa, and it also has a double-sided brush and a V-shaped floating roller brush. It is no problem to clean pet hair.