Agriculture: Fertilizers soar, U.S. farmers plant more soybeans

Wed, 04/06/2022 - 15:09

Supply side: palm (11646, 448.00, 4.00%) oil, Malaysia's SPPOMA production data preference, triggered the market's expectations for the recovery of Malaysia's production preference.

In terms of soybean oil, the shortage of fertilizer caused the planting area of US soybeans to exceed market expectations by a large margin, which was bad for soybeans (6278, -27.00, -0.43%).

In terms of sunflower oil, the planting of Ukrainian agricultural products is currently relatively fast compared to the same period last year. The new Minister of Agriculture of Ukraine believes that the planting area of Ukrainian agricultural products has decreased by 21%, which is far lower than the 50% estimated by the previous Minister of Agriculture. The bullish situation in Ukrainian agricultural production is weakening.

As for rapeseed oil, European rapeseed cultivation is facing the challenge of fertilizer shortage.

Demand side: Rashomon, where the civilians of Russia and Ukraine were massacred in Kyiv, Europe and the United States threatened to increase sanctions on Russia, resulting in a surge in crude oil, which is bullish.

Vegetable palm spreads may widen due to fertilizer shortages in Europe.