In response to Western sanctions, Russia has released a set of "combined fist" including energy and agricultural products

Sat, 04/16/2022 - 09:30

The Russian Ministry of agriculture also said on the 15th that from April 20 to 26, the export tariff of Russian wheat will be increased to US $110.7 per ton, compared with us $101.4 per ton the previous week.

In addition, the Russian government said that according to the instructions of Russian Prime Minister Mishustin at the government work meeting on the 14th, the Russian government allocated 1 billion rubles to continue to provide preferential loans to relevant enterprises most seriously affected by the sanctions. Enterprises have the opportunity to obtain 3% preferential loans and do not have to repay the loan principal and interest in the first six months. The Russian government is responsible for compensating banks that provide low interest loans to enterprises.