The 1st Guangdong Pre-made Dish R&D Competition was held in Gaoyao, Zhaoqing

Fri, 07/01/2022 - 20:19
Pinzhen Fresh Life
Pinzhen Fresh Life

The competition adopts the method of "on-site production + product explanation and introduction", and the final score of the entries is comprehensively evaluated through online voting and on-site scoring.

After fierce competition, Guangdong Hengxing and Guangdong Pinzhen Fresh Life finally won the first prize; Shantou Epinghui Agricultural Technology, Zhaoqing ZhongyeAquatic Products and Xiamen Gulong Food won the second prize.

Pinzhen Fresh Life was founded in August 2014 by Tong Industrial City and Pinzhen International Holdings. 

It is reported that the total agricultural output value of Gaoyao District of Zhaoqing City in 2021 was 17.1 billion yuan, accounting for 1/4 of Zhaoqing City; the annual output of live pigs is 790,000, the annual output of poultry is 35 million, the freshwater aquaculture area is 160,000 mu, and the total output of aquatic products is 18%. 10,000 tons, and a whole industry chain system with key links has been established.