Zuoweijia invites you to participate in the Food Materials E-commerce Festival

Sun, 07/03/2022 - 09:54
Zuoweijia (addfood)

The 10th Liangzhilong China Food Materials E-commerce Festival in 2022 will be held at Wuhan International Expo Center from July 6th to 8th. It is the largest ecological exhibition of pre-made dishes in China.

Zuoweijia pays attention to the taste of food and real materials. Each product is our boutique, this exhibition will bring a series of representative products. Fresh fish soup, golden soup beef, beef sauce, crayfish sauce. Welcome Come to the scene and chat about delicious food together!

Guangzhou Zuoweijia Food was established in the year of 2016.  Guangzhou Zuoweija put her heart to specially focus on the self-develop, produce and sell the culinary seasoning, sauce, Canton soup, original soup, thick soup and clear soup.