Dialogue with Yang Zisu, Chairman of Siyue Puffer: It is difficult to profit from pre-made fishes across catering companies

Fri, 07/08/2022 - 08:51

The epidemic has severely hit the cash flow of catering companies. During the suspension of dine-in, Siyue Puffer also actively turned to takeaways, pre-made dishes, and even opened up the chef's door-to-door business.

However, Yang Zisu also said that these businesses cannot save a catering company, and the income of some businesses is not even enough for employees' wages, and can only play a role in supplementing the company's cash flow.

However, thanks to the company's status as a high-tech enterprise, Siyue Puffer has also received certain support in terms of loans. Because it has a complete puffer fish industry chain, Siyue Puffer vigorously develops to B-end business, which is also the main direction of the company in the future.