Qiandama completed a new round of strategic financing to develop pre-made dishes and supply chain

Tue, 08/02/2022 - 14:12
Qiandama official website

Recently, Guangzhou Qiandama Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. completed strategic financing, led by Hezhi investment, and the transaction amount has not been disclosed yet.
Founded in 2012, Qiandama started the community fresh food chain brand with the business philosophy of "not selling overnight meat" and the "Riqing" model. In 2014, Qiandama opened the franchise mode.

For this investment, Chenzhipeng, chairman of Hezhi investment, believes that the market size of the fresh food retail industry has exceeded 5 trillion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of nearly 7%. With the continuous development of science and technology and the gradual change of lifestyle, there are expected to be 100 billion level giant enterprises in the industry.

After this investment, with the help of the government resources of Hezhi Fund, Qiandama and Hezhi will continue to carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of rural revitalization and pre-made dishes.