Tongwei Liu Hanyuan: Gathering potential to focus, do specialization

Thu, 08/04/2022 - 08:17
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Tongwei is not only a leader in photovoltaic silicon materials and cells, but also a large-scale agricultural technology enterprise. In the early 1980s, Liu Hanyuan started his business, and his main business at that time was aquatic feed. In 2006, Liu Hanyuan led Tongwei to enter the photovoltaic industry, and successively laid out two key businesses of silicon material and cell.

Today, Tongwei has formed a two-wheel-drive business pattern of "photovoltaic + agriculture". On the one hand, Tongwei has a vertical layout from upstream high-purity crystalline silicon production, midstream high-efficiency solar cell production, to terminal photovoltaic power station construction; on the other hand, mainly in the feed industry, Tongwei also involves in aquaculture, animal health, food Processing and other related agricultural science and technology fields.