Ten percent of tea plantations in Longjing main production area of West Lake suffered "roasting" test

Tue, 08/30/2022 - 07:03
tea farm
tea farm (极目新闻)

As the first of China's top ten famous teas, West Lake Longjing was produced in Hangzhou and gained great reputation in the Qing Dynasty.
This summer, Hangzhou experienced 55 days of high temperature, and some tea leaves could not stand the high temperature exposure and were dried up.  
From August 25 to 27, Jimu news reporters visited Meijiawu village in Hangzhou, one of the core producing areas of West Lake Longjing tea, as well as Fancun village and Shuangling village, which are also the producing areas of West Lake Longjing tea. Fortunately, on the evening of the 25th, a thunderstorm fell in Hangzhou, which diluted the sad lines between the eyebrows of tea farmers. According to professional analysis, the output of spring tea will not decrease in the coming year.