Dongfangzhenxuan's independent and self-supporting road is difficult but inevitable

Tue, 09/20/2022 - 06:40
DFZX official website

As New Oriental's strategic transformation work after the comprehensive rectification of the education and training industry, Dongfang Selection has achieved considerable success by relying on the knowledge of the anchor to bring goods, but Yu Minhong is not satisfied with relying on other platforms, but wants Dongfangzhenxuan to develop independently.

Recently, its e-commerce app "Dongfangzhenxuan Goods Platform" has been quietly launched, saying that it will "provide a one-stop shopping experience, direct source procurement, strict quality control, and considerate after-sales". In addition to self-operated products, there are fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood and aquatic products. 11 categories, etc. Its SKU is limited, about 400, of which about 20 are self-operated products, which are the main products of the platform.

Dongfangzhenxuan launched an independent app, which is considered to be a test of private domain traffic e-commerce. In the public domain traffic such as Taobao, Jingdong, and Douyin, users are controlled by the platform side. Dongfangzhenxuan and acquisition of traffic need to pay high promotion fees and other costs, and the traffic cannot be retained. Through self-built app, you can reach users at any time and at any frequency without paying, which can continuously enhance user stickiness and increase the repurchase rate.