2022 Aquarium & Small Pet Market Development Trend Insight

Sat, 01/07/2023 - 09:57
Aquarium and pet market
Aquarium and pet market

Pet industry observation news, recently, TMIC, Tmall Pets, Tmall Creation Planet and Kaijie E-Commerce jointly released the "2022 Aquarium & Small Pet Market Development Trend Insight" report.

The report pointed out that the aquarium pet industry is gradually developing in a diversified direction, and the demand is more subdivided, which has promoted the gradual rise of specialization and refinement, and has also increased the demand of pet owners.

Among them, the transaction volume of the aquarium market is leading, and the growth of rodents, birds, rabbits, and reptiles is relatively fast, all of which are higher than the industry average. Especially the joining of young groups will promote the continuous development of enterprises in the small pet industry.

In the portrait of users in the aquarium and small pet industry, the population structure of the aquarium, bird, and reptile pet market is dominated by men, and more than four people are 30-39 years old. However, the potential population group of 18-24 years old is growing rapidly, which will become the driving force for the industry to continue. Potential groups for development;

The rodent and rabbit markets are dominated by females, among which females aged 30-39 are the main population, and those aged 18-24 have good potential, with a high proportion and a good growth rate, and the future can be expected.