What is the best-selling Douyin Spring Festival?

Sat, 01/21/2023 - 09:10
sauerkraut fish
Sauerkraut fish
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The Spring Festival holiday is approaching, and the importance of the New Year's Day is increasing. Compared with the quiet Double 12, the new year's goods festival stands on the traffic center of major manufacturers and successfully counterattacks.

First of all, in order to eliminate the uncertainty of the general environment, after the prevention and control are gradually relaxed, the long-suppressed consumption boom may fully erupt during the New Year’s Day; during the New Year’s Day, some new products with explosive trends are expected to grow rapidly.
Secondly, when staying at home becomes a daily routine, consumption related to fitness and entertainment will also increase. It is also predictable that the consumption of food and beverages, which determine the quality of life at home, will increase during the New Year’s Day.
The domestic epidemic situation has been relaxed and entered the post-epidemic era. The sales of protective equipment have maintained a steady growth, the growth in demand for health care products has accelerated, and the sales of nutritional supplements have surged.
In addition to traditional New Year’s food, sales of cosmetics, smart home, clothing and other categories are also hot; the consumer group of New Year’s goods tends to be younger, and they pay more attention to "interest", "experience", and "trust" when making shopping decisions .

Taking the product "Dingding lazy sauerkraut fish 450g*3" as an example, the sales volume in the past 30 days reached 543,000 pieces, with an estimated total sales of 42.95 million yuan.  Live and gourmet broadcasters are the main force to bring goods, and at the same time, they also take into account various industries such as funny, grass planting, health, mother and baby, etc., to expand the audience radiation of products.