Smart pets, the way out for small appliances

Wed, 01/25/2023 - 10:40
cat, dog, aquarium

cat, dog, aquarium
(Dream Studio AI)

"Change the water every three days, and change the fish every five days." This is a joke in the fish farming industry, but it also points out the importance of changing the water.

Recently, Xiaomi has launched a new product - a smart fish tank, which can efficiently restore the aquatic ecosystem with temperature probes, filters, smart food warehouses, etc., and can realize remote feeding.

In addition to keeping cats and dogs, fishing and fish raising has become a daily life for more and more people. There are fewer players on the traditional aquarium pet track, and most businesses do not have R&D and breeding capabilities, low brand awareness, and weak marketing. The entire track is still in its infancy. The niche pet market is gradually being discovered, and the smart fish tank launched by Xiaomi will be a guide for the industry.

As early as the past two years, hardware devices such as smart feeders, smart water dispensers, and smart play machines have gradually poured into the pet market. It is not difficult to see that this kind of intelligent training and positioning equipment has been integrated into the daily life of pet owners in the form of small household appliances.

The "2022 Global Small Appliance Trend Insight White Paper" shows that the total sales of pet appliances reached 2.13 billion yuan in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 41.4%. Some people think that smart pet raising is paying IQ tax, but with the gradual expansion of the "companion economy", digital smart pet raising has become a trend.