Why is it not easy to achieve "fruit freedom"?

Thu, 02/09/2023 - 18:09
fruit store

fruit store
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In recent years, the discussion about fruit becoming more expensive has never stopped.

Take the top-selling cherries as an example. Three years ago, "Cherries Freedom" became a hot topic in the Spring Festival rankings. Countless people lamented in the comment area: Even if you earn more than 10,000 yuan a month, you can't enjoy the Spring Festival. Period cherries. Not only that, but some netizens have "posted orders" one after another: the price of a cherries ranges from 1 to 6 yuan [1].

However, three years later, the price of cherries is still not low. In 2023, data from the China Agricultural Information Network shows that the wholesale price of cherries during the Spring Festival will still be concentrated in the range of 45-90 yuan/catties.

Compared with the upgrading of fruit varieties, the industrial chain behind the fruit industry is the reason for the real soaring fruit prices. And one of the key factors that affects the price of fruits in your hands is the grading.

Taking Hema as an example, they have two methods: direct picking from the place of origin and localized direct picking. They can either be wholesaled directly to their own processing centers to sort by themselves, or cooperate with related companies to pick in the morning and sell in the afternoon. Baiguoyuan even divided a red Fuji into 18 grades.

Today, you will find that it is not easy to achieve "fruit freedom". Fruits that are subject to many factors such as variety, grading, and market cannot be "free" easily.

For the vast majority of us, all we can do is accept the reality that "the surface is bright and beautiful, but the fruit behind it cannot be bought". However, it doesn't matter, we can still buy fruit tea if we can't afford fruit, we can still buy fruit candy if we can't afford fruit tea...