When Dong Fang Zhen Xuan, Xue Jia You Pin, and Si Kao Le flow into local life

Sun, 02/19/2023 - 14:39

From February 2 to 3, Dong Yuhui and Qi Qi, the anchors of Dong Fang Zhen Xuan, broadcast the "Yunnan Tour" live on the account of "Dong Fang Zhen Xuan See the World" for two consecutive days. Swimming in Lijiang, taking the ancient tea-horse road again, experiencing bronze production, writing Dongba characters, boating in Lugu Lake, watching the sunset, dancing at the bonfire party... In the past two days, the See The World's GMV  has accumulated nearly 50 million yuan, and the top sales are mainly group travel products.

Not only is Dong Fang Zhen Xuan exploring the field of local life, but also Jiayou Pin and Xiucai who have been transformed into commodities are also testing the local life market.

In addition to the big market of live e-commerce, it is not only the Dong Fang Zhen Xuan that is exploring the local life, but also other players who are transforming e-commerce to bring goods are also testing the local life market in succession.