How long can Dong Fang Zhen Xuan keep Dong Yuhui?

Sun, 02/19/2023 - 22:37
Dong Yuhui's micro-blog, Weibo
Dong Yuhui's micro-blog, Weibo

"I am very satisfied that I am now paid very high salary, and it is an executive level treatment in the group." On the evening of February 16, Dong Yuhui denied the rumor of leaving the company in the live broadcast, and confirmed that Yu Minhong had promised to issue one share (New Oriental Online Stock), and more than one share.

In the live broadcast that night, Yu Minhong also stood up and stated: If Dong Yuhui's bonus is not enough, he will give him his own.

Dong Yuhui's every move has even become a barometer of the stock price of New Oriental Online to some extent.

Since last year, Dong Fang Zhen Xuan has experienced rapid development for half a year with the help of Dong Yuhui's popularity. According to Tonghuashun Financial Statistics, in the eight months from the lowest point of HK $2.84 last May to January 13 this year, New Oriental Online has surged 2342%, more than 23 times.

However, because Dong Yuhui did not appear in the Dong Fang Zhen Xuan live broadcast room on time after the Chinese New Year, the capital market, under the influence of factors such as worries about the "removal of Dong Yuhui" from the Dong Fang Zhen Xuan and the resignation of Dong Yuhui, since the stock price of the New Oriental Online reached a high of 75.5 yuan/share on January 26, the stock price has fluctuated and declined. Among them, from January 27 to February 7, the stock price fell continuously, down nearly 27%. On February 13 alone, New Oriental Online fell by 15%.