Digital Fishery: Technology Assists Fish Farming to Realize New Models

Wed, 09/27/2023 - 08:41
digital fishery
digital fishery

Do you know? Now through the mobile app, you can complete daily farming tasks such as "oxygenation" and "feeding" by clicking on the screen. Behind these functions is the Internet of Things technology. Sensors help fishermen have a pair of "thousand mile eyes". There are approximately 6000 fish in this pool of water, achieving low emission, self cycling, and green farming.

Fish farming has gone from relying solely on experience to using a single mobile phone to achieve scientific management. The application of technological achievements such as the Internet of Things has broken the bottleneck of traditional fishery farming, allowing farmers to not only raise fish well, but also raise them well. At the "Future Farm" in Huzhou, staff are actively exploring more possibilities for new farming methods. We believe that in the near future, digital fishing applications such as onshore fishing silos and unmanned fishing grounds will have broader prospects.