Pet Marvel completed Nearly 100 Million RMB A+ Series Financing

Thu, 10/05/2023 - 07:28
Niao Yu Hua Xiang
Niao Yu Hua Xiang

On September 28th, the global leader brand of pet smart products, Niao Yu Hua Xiang (Pet Marvel), officially announced a brand strategy renewal and upgrade, releasing a new brand strategy, brand concept, and brand logo, deeply elaborating on the brand's new value and mission, and building a more comprehensive and systematic pet care ecosystem.

Established in Shanghai, with over ten years of experience in pet product design, an independent product designer team, and a research team in pet behavioral psychology, Pet Marvel is committed to creating a high-quality pet consumption concept and three-dimensional pet care life scenarios based on its high-quality supply chain and quality control system.

Its products cover intelligent pet lifestyle, non intelligent durable products, cleaning and personal care, toys, etc. Since its establishment, it has launched more than 60 products and derived nearly 300 SKUs.

Pet Marvel, a pet intelligent product brand, has recently completed nearly 100 million yuan in A+rounds of financing, with the funds to be used for product innovation and research and development, supply chain integration and upgrading, brand globalization layout, and market promotion.

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