The 2022 China Top 100 Chain Coffee Brands List Released! Luckin has reached the top!

Fri, 01/20/2023 - 16:51

In the FoodTalks 2022 China Top 100 Chain Coffee Brands list, the number of stores in the top five has exceeded 1,000 – Luckin Coffee and Starbucks dominate the list with 8,171 and 6,882 existing stores respectively, followed by Mai Coffee, Xingyun Coffee and Nuowa Coffee.

52-year-old Starbucks can't get the hearts of young people?

Mon, 05/23/2022 - 13:48

Recently, Starbucks announced its second-quarter financial report. The coffee retailer, which has more than 34,000 stores in 82 markets around the world, handed over an overall looking good financial report. However, the Chinese market is not in this order. It can even be said that the Chinese market "suffered" hard. According to the financial report, sales in the Chinese market fell by 23% in the second quarter.

Li Ning officially sells coffee: there are 7,000 coffee shops

Tue, 05/10/2022 - 21:39
Li Ning's official Weibo
Li Ning's official Weibo
How imaginative can Li Ning sell coffee? According to the 2021 annual report of Li Ning Company, as of the end of 2021, Li Ning has a total of 7,137 stores, and once it is fully rolled out, there will be more than 7,000 coffee shops. In contrast, Starbucks has more than 5,000 stores in China, and Luckin has more than 6,000 stores.

With more than 2 billion financing, can the Tongue Hero recreate the "Ruixing myth"?

Sat, 05/07/2022 - 09:49
Tongue Hero
Tongue Hero official website
Tongue Hero has been in the limelight since this year. According to media reports, since its launch, Tongue Hero has signed 6,000 stores in three months and obtained a financing of 1.6 billion yuan. It is reported that it also plans to land another 3,000 stores in five months.